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Keg Size and Volume Guide

Below is a table that details the dimensions and volume that each of our kegs and growlers can hold and below that the height of each of the taps. Please ensure you consider the height of both the vessel and tap.

Diameter Height Volume
2L "The Beiber" Mini Keg (with lid) 13.5cm
2L / 6 "stubbies"
2L "The Growler" (with lid) 13cm
  2L / 6 "stubbies"
4L "BBW" Growler (with lid) 15cm 37cm 4L / 12 "stubbies"
4L "The Johnson" Mini Keg (with lid) 13.5cm 35cm
4L / 12 "stubbies"
5L "The Choad" Mini Keg (with lid) 17.5cm 28cm 5L / 15 "stubbies"
10L "Mandingo" Mini Keg (with lid) 17.5cm  50cm 10L / 30 "stubbies"
19L Cornelius "The Dominator" 21.5cm  63cm 19L / 57 "stubbies"


The below heights are from the mouth of the keg to the top of the tap when it is attached to the ball lock spear.

Plastic Picnic Tap 12cm
Standard Chrome Tap 22cm 
Steel Tap / Flow Steel Tap on Steel Disconnect 20cm


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