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The Perfect Gift for Coffee and Espresso Martini Lovers: Personalised Small Keg Systems

4 min read

We all know someone (maybe it's even you) who is obsessed with coffee, be it nitro coffee, cold brew or even espresso martinis. So we put together a list of the perfect gifts for the coffee lovers in your life, and maybe if you're lucky, they'll even the spoils of their new iKegger mini kegs with you!
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Using SodaStream Bottles to Elevate your Keg Game

Using SodaStream Bottles to Elevate your Keg Game

4 min read

SodaStream Bottles are a great source of Co2 for both force carbonating and dispensing beverages from your iKegger Mini keg, we dive into some reasons why  and some tips on how to elevate your keg game with them.
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Aperol Spritz in a Keg

Easy Summer Cocktails: Aperol Spritz

2 min read

Summer means its the perfect time for spontaneous gatherings and so why not have a delicious easy to make cocktail ready to go to wow you and friends tastebuds? Introducing the Aperol Spritz, a delicious, light and refreshing drink that's even easier to make!
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