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How Many Beers Fit in Different Keg Sizes? A Comprehensive Guide


We often get asked: How many beers in a keg? The answer varies widely due to the diverse sizes available. For instance, the common 50L keg holds around 150 stubbies (330ml bottles). At iKegger, we offer solutions for tapping commercial kegs at home, ranging from simple taps to complete kegerator fridges.

Our keg selection caters to home brewers and those who prefer brewery or DIY fills for home tap enjoyment.

ikegger 2.0 mini keg
These kegs come in various sizes and two types: single-wall standard or double-wall insulated, akin to a giant thermos, keeping beverages cold for extended periods.

Sizes include:

Mini kegs offer a cost-effective alternative, fitting easily into standard fridges or eskies. They're lightweight, space-efficient, and durable. Our 'Growlers' maintain cold beverages for up to 12 hours without refrigeration.

Determining 'what's a beer' adds complexity, considering various bottle sizes like ponies, schooners, pints, long necks, and more. Regional variations further complicate matters.

Our advice? Opt for mini kegs and enjoy draft-quality beverages hassle-free—good for your health, and less waste!"

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