We design, manufacture and sell mini keg systems allowing anyone to enjoy any drink, on tap, anywhere.
'spechially beer!

- David Thackray, R&D + Product Testing


We will add your venue to our filling stations map for FREE.
You start getting customers coming in to get their mini kegs filled, having a couple of pints and maybe a bite to eat while they wait for a fill. It's that simple.
We are just providing a resource for our customers by advertising that you will fill their keg or growler.


Reduce packaging waste, transport & manufacturing emissions.

Cut out the middlemen between breweries and consumers.

Encourage the support of local business.


We distribute worldwide from local warehouses and have passionate and knowledgable support staff available via live chat, email and phone wherever you are if you any questions.

Collaboration With Stone Brewing Europe

We supplied Stone Brewing with their growlers and made this video with them at their brewery in Berlin.

Please note that the counter pressure growler filler shown in the video is not needed to fill our gear, it is just an option that can be used by companies who have the facilities available.

Why Fill iKegger Mini Kegs & Growlers At Your Venue?

Added Revenue Stream

Potentially add a steady stream of takeaway sales without any additional equipment or packaging storage.

New Customer Base

We advertise you to our list of over 50,000 customers for FREE! New customers without any effort or expense!

More Adaptability

Allows you to sell the beverages you normally do on-premises as takeaway sales to your locals, a great option in a pandemic.

Assembling An iKegger Mini Keg

Our mini keg and growler systems are a complete keg system shrunk down to home size.

The vessels come in 2L, 4L, 5L sizes in both single wall (silver) and double wall (black) styles. The double wall ones will stay cold all day with excellent vacuum insulation.

There is also a 10L single wall keg available and the gear is all compatible with standard homebrew keg systems.

The gas regulators are high quality and can use disposable bulbs to dispense or larger 400g SodaStream gas bottles for a cheaper, more environmentally friendly option

How To Fill iKegger Mini Kegs & Growlers At Your Venue

Our customers will turn up with their keg or growler cleaned and sanitised already.

We suggest you chill the keg or growler in your fridge for 10min or so giving the customer time to have a beer on site (put it in the fridge with the lid off, especially if it's an insulated keg or growler). This will prevent foaming as cold beer hits the warm internal surface saving you wasting stock and preventing the customer getting an incomplete fill.

Once chilled, ideally flush the keg with CO2 (our customers will also bring their mini regulator to do this if you don't have the facilities in place at the bar but them using small disposable bulbs is much more expensive gas).

Direct From Tap

You simply need a hose from the tap to fill through the mouth of the mini keg or growler. By filling from the base of a keg filled with CO2 first you get very little oxygen contact as the fill occurs within a "cushion" of CO2 (CO2 being heavier than air so it stays on top of the liquid as a barrier to air as it fills). The customer will again flush the headspace of the filled keg or growler if they intend to drink it over more than 48 hours.

Transfer From Keg

As our kegs have a ball lock post connection on them you can connect them directly to a commercial keg coupler via a hose and ball lock disconnect (same as 19L homebrew kegs) allowing a transfer under pressure. This ensures no contact with oxygen and no loss of carbonation. Customers are generally happy to leave the keg overnight to have this done. We can provide equipment to do this for a very reasonable price (under £100)

Transfer From Bright Tank

Similar to transferring from a larger keg, you can fill direct from a bright tank using a tri-clover to hose connection with a ball lock disconnect on the end. Again attach directly to the sanitised and gas filled keg and allow the transfer to occur by reducing the pressure in the keg (a simple spunding valve will release the pressure at slightly below you bright tank pressure allowing a controlled pressure fill).

Free Coasters

We provide free, high quality, thick card coasters to use in your venue if desired. We've found these are a great way to help get your locals thinking about the fact they could be taking your delicious beverages home with them!

The images here show the 2 sides of the current design.

Yes, We Do Offer Wholesale Pricing and Own Branding On Our Kegs!
We Love To Work With Local Breweries and Producers.

We also handle contracts with some big names, so you know your business is in good hands should you choose to resell iKegger gear.

Contact us via email if you have any questions on info@ikegger.eu or let us know when we can organise a time that suits you for a phone, video or live chat to figure out how we can work together.

David, Oner, Franka, Jo and the iKegger crew